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    What Men Really Want for the Holidays

    - Monday, December 19, 2016

    We all know the struggle of trying to find the perfect holiday gift for a man. Whether he's all business, an athlete, a beverage connoisseur, an adventurer, or a handyman, Opus Style has some great options for every type of guy!


    Why Promotional Product Marketing is the Most Bang for Your Buck

    - Friday, November 11, 2016


    As marketers, our ultimate goal is to extend the life of an event, to extend the attendees’ experience, and to leave a lasting and positive impression of the brand being represented. Giving an attendee something tangible such as a branded water bottle, bag, or power bank to take home is a great way to help attendees remember their positive experience, and is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase brand interest compared to other forms of advertising such as television and print.

    As a form of advertising, promotional products cost less to produce and are more effective than many of other advertising media. We can break this down by comparing impressions gained to money spent. Promotional products cost an average of $0.60 per brand impression, while television and print ads cost an average of $1.80 per impression. [1] We can further break this statistic down by specific products and media. A branded bag gets 1,000 impressions per dollar spent while magazine print ads only receive 22, and prime time cable ads generate only 200 impressions per dollar spent. [2] Television and print ads can be fleeting and are often seen only in passing, while a promotional product can generate more face-time with its target audience and user and (including collateral impressions), especially if it can be used daily.[3]

    * Data from Quality Logo Products

    Everyone loves getting free stuff especially if it’s something they can actually use! Eighty percent of promotional products purchasers’ list usefulness as their top priority when selecting items for their brand.[4] If users are given an item they like and can use, they will likely relate their positive feelings back to the imprinted brand.

    Beyond functionality, relevance is nearly as important to consider. Seventy-one percent of buyers say a product related to the end user’s industry is the second most important feature when selecting a product.[5] Strategic planning and target audience research can help a brand identify products that align with their audience’s industry and geared towards their interest. Increased audience interest creates a more positive brand impression and a higher likelihood of future brand engagement. In a study conducted by the PPAI, fifty-two percent of recipients did business with the brand after receiving a promotional product.[6]

    Giving someone something they can hold and use is more likely to leave a positive impression than a television commercial they can fast-forward through or a magazine ad they can flip past. We want end users to have a lasting impression of the brand we are advertising - promotional products are much more cost effective in accomplishing this goal.

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    4-5 Relative Insights. PPAI 2016 Buyer Study.


    [6] PPAI. Promotional Products Work Fact Book.

    Fun In The Sun

    - Monday, June 13, 2016

    Summer is upon us—we are all looking for ways to beat the heat and relax. Check out some of our favorite items that would be perfect for your summertime event!

    http://www.opus-style.com/contact.htmlhttp://www.opus-style.com/contact.htmlhttp://www.opus-style.com/contact.html http://www.opus-style.com/contact.htmlhttp://www.opus-style.com/contact.html





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    New Products for 2016!

    - Friday, March 25, 2016


    Looking for some giveaways for your next event but have a tight budget? Check out some of our favorite new items for 2016! Anything from festive glasses to a virtual reality viewer, the perfect product is easy to find. 


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    Accomplish your marketing goals with promotional giveaways!

    - Monday, September 29, 2014

    Opus Style had a client that was interested in increasing brand awareness and updating their customer email database via an entry form that would be filled out in retail stores. Challenges they faced included accomplishing these goals in an extremely competitive space, with a consumer audience that’s too busy in the moment, and potentially unwilling to give out their email address.

    The client asked the Opus Style team to develop a concept and provide giveaway options that could be displayed in the store. Our solution? A custom branded mountain bike giveaway.

    The campaign ended up being a huge success, generating increased traffic and sales while giving the consumer additional incentive to fill out the email contact card through the raffle entry

    Old School meets New School

    - Thursday, September 04, 2014

    Bring back those cool, old-school looks with new-school styling. Check out some of the latest products available from Opus Style, and let our experienced team transform your brand with creative, on point options.  Items shown- Rucksack Backpack, Alternative Apparel Henley, Vintage Mason Jar, Bluetooth Speaker

    New Products - Part 2

    - Thursday, March 14, 2013

    New Products

    - Monday, March 11, 2013

    How do you say thank you?

    - Thursday, February 14, 2013
    Merci.Gracias.Danke.Natick.Dalu.Grazie.Obrigado.Dank.Thank You!

    Outstanding employee efforts should never go unnoticed! Whether you do annual awards or a special incentive at your next sales meeting, conference, President’s Club or team builder event, Opus Style covers it all!

    Fanfare (left) and Pinnacle (right)

    Acrylic Awards

    Rectangle Acrylic Infusion (left) and Bridgewood (right)

    iPad or iPad Mini (left) paired w/ the 
    Lukas Tablet Cover w/ Keyboard (center) or an HMDX 
    Bluetooth Portable Speaker (right)

    New 2013 products are being released now! Visit “Top Products” for more great ideas and new releases!

    Winter Health & Energy

    - Thursday, December 13, 2012
      fruitshoes Cold and flu season is upon us.
    Plan ahead and keep yourself and your employees happy and healthy this winter with a wellness giveaway.
      Bobble 18.5 oz. Filtered
    Water Bottle
    Available in 8 colors.
    bobble_WaterBottle mountain  
      Collapsible Salad 2-Go
    water Tea Infuser Tumbler
      travel_comfort_set soupcandle Volcano Candle w/ Custom
    Hang Tag
    Travel Comfort Set
    candlesyoga FUL Yoga Bag w/ Mat
    Available in 3 colors.




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